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WPT Difference

People always ask us what makes our shop different, what makes Westminster Transmission different from the other shops and vendors out there, so we have complied a list of what sets us apart from the competition.  

Workmanship:  At Westminster transmission service our workmanship is second to none.  Westminster Transmission has a theory that all their products and work should be the best on the market, or else why build them.  We pride ourselves on fixing problems rather than symptoms, and are able to do this by having a working knowledge of hydraulics, electrical circuits and fundamental physics.  We break down the complaint and troubleshoot each problem and do not let it leave our shop without proof of an issue than going through a double and triple check system.  We are able to achieve this with our small and intimate staffs, when you call and talk to us you are talking to the individuals who will actually get their hands dirty, working on your car.  This prevents confusion and streamlines the diagnostic process, the first step in finding out the root problem.  As one customer Chuck Echmalian told us “The reason I come here is I talk to the guys doing the work.  That’s the only way to get real quality.”

Quality: At Westminster transmission we hold our quality to the strictest standards.  Our motto is simple and consistent; we treat each job we touch as though they were our own.  We don’t do anything different than if it were us or our own family, driving that car.  This high quality is the reason we are able to keep our prices competitive.  Our come back ratio is  less than 2% meaning we can spend more time working on new jobs and preventing customers from having to waste time and money on a down vehicle and allowing us to avoid charging more to cover up for costly comebacks.  The cornerstone of our quality besides workmanship our products and what we choose to use in our projects.  To lower initial cost many of our competitors decided to use replacement parts that are offshore and in many cases what we consider under qualified.   Westminster Transmission uses genuine domestic products were applicable and always equal or better than that which came out of the unit, and with a genuine trained engineer on staff, if we can’t find a better part… we’ll make it!

Experience:  We like to think not only does the staff at Westminster Transmission have to book smarts, but the street smarts with its extensive experience in the field.  Having staff members that have a minimum of 14 years of experience and even one with over 35 years, we have seen almost everything.  Over 75% of first time transmission failures are common to that particular model, and our experience allows us to know common issue with almost all of the models on the market. Due to this, many components, techniques, etc. have been developed to aid and prevent these common design weaknesses from plaguing you again.  Our experience with an extensive variety of vehicles in the market and aftermarket lets us develop and adapt fixes for your complaint that may have been solved in similar designed models.  Having a member with over 35 years also gives us the knowledge of every year model, even the older ones where changes were made on a yearly basis, so if you’re planning to restore to factory specifications or if you have an original year vehicle we can help fix any issues you have.

Research:  Technology is changing every day, which is one thing we can all agree upon.  Westminster Transmission assures to stay on top of it, instead of falling behind.  Whether it is the new breed of transmission with the integration of computers, and now networking the computers to the new products on the market or the new products offered for a tried and true existing transmission.  The car companies have improved their vehicles for better handling, mileage, performance and ride, and as such we have taken on the task to keep up because we believe anything designed by men can be improved, and we will.  We do this by diagnosing construction and design of the product and discovering how it works rather than the other shops that know how to take apart and put back together.    Our biggest advantage though is our knowledge of the aftermarket and what products can be used.  Most of our competitors either will just buy the toughest offered by the factory and throw their hands up if that is not good enough, or they will try and copy what others have done to try and fix an issue, we are trailblazers and have come up with our own solutions.  This wide knowledge and picky nature of our staff has also leaded us to become dealers for almost all the producers worldwide of parts.  The advantage there is that we are not tied to one particular brand and can pick and choose the optimum piece for every part in your car.

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