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Valve bodies

The valve body is the brain of the transmission, it determines shift feel, pressure, and in some cases timing.  It is also the most misunderstood component of your transmission, however Westminster Transmission has a full line of valvebodies for whatever suits your needs.  Whether you tow a trailer or launch off a trans brake we can help.  Our vavlebodies are assembled by master technicians with years of experience and probably the pickiest in the industry as far as getting you the best quality possible.  That is widely believed as the heart of our good reputation.  our valve bodies come with brand new, not tested electrical components where applicable and common upgrades/modifications to solve the most common problems. WPT offers valve bodies available in several different configurations including:

  • Automatic shifting: Typical on rebuilds and stock shift pattern is retained.
  • Automatic/manual shifting:  When you place the shifter in the drive/overdrive position the transmission will function normally, however when the shifter is placed in the manual ranges it will hold each gear at almost any speed.
  • Manual shifting:  Necessary on vehicles with vacuum operated transmissions or when you desire to be able to select your own gears, as in racing applications.  These come in two shift patterns , forward and reverse pattern each of which can come with or without engine braking.  
    • Forward pattern: Common in boats and off road vehicles the up shift postition is toward neutral, P-R-N-3-2-1.
    • Reverse pattern: Common in drag cars and street cars, typically for those who worry about over shifting into neutral.  Shift pattern is reveresed for all the forward gears, P-R-N-1-2-3.
    • Engine breaking:  These valve bodies are most common for vehicles which  are in and out of the throttle and/or do not want the engine to freewheel in gear. Meaning when you let off the throttle the transmission will hold and the engine will slow down the vehicle, similar to a stick shift when the clutch pedal is not depressed.  These are most common for off road trucks, rock crawling and street cars.  
Diesel Valvebodies
Street/hi-performance Valvebodies
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