Westminster Transmission

Torque Converters

Westminster Transmissions offers custom stall torque converters for everything from your street car to your race car or truck.  the torque converter is one of the most important pieces of your automobile that determines its performance and drivability.  a custom stall torque converter can give you that low end performance your vehicle needs whether you are towing a heavy trailer or getting that hole shot advantage out at the racetrack.  

For diesel trucks we offer Billet faced converters to help when throwing the cold to your truck.  When loaded down, diesel engines have high torque especially under high boost situations such as those vehicles that have been reprogrammed, the engine side of the torque converter will actually wrinkle or warp.  The wrinkled face shortens the life of the converter clutch inside the converter and causes an out of round condition, which in turn leads to the front of the transmission to experience accelerated wear and the flex plate on the engine to crack or break.  Our billet faced torque converters are thicker, in addition to be made of upgraded material for higher tensile strength, to help in mechanical stress from the engine torque along with the thermal stress.  The billet faced converters also offer reinforced studs where applicable to prevent them from snapping off.

Racing and Street car high stall converters are one of the easiest and quickest modifications that can be made to get the most out of your car.  All performance converters we sell include furnaced brazed fins for durability, and reinforced balloon plates, ideal for high line pressure and extreme abuse from such things as power adders, like nitrous or forced induction, or use of a transmission brake.  We offer both lock up and open element converters to suit your needs and your transmission.  Westminster Transmission sells weld together and bolt together torque converters, which are favored to fine tune your car for track and weather conditions.  Talk to us today about your build and what we can do to match your motors peak potential.

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