Westminster Transmission

About us

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Westminster Transmission is a family owned and operated business and has been serving the community since 1962.  From the beginning we always focused on doing our job and doing it the right way, not short cutting, not doing "good enough" work. We have a simply philosophy, we treat every automobile we put our hands on as if it were our own vehicle.  Simple as that.  We feel that if you trust us to fix one of your more valuable and important asset, that we should treat it with the respect it deserves.  We are not one of those shiny box, or phony gimmick type of shops.  We promise you exactly what we can deliver and go out of our way to provide you more than what you asked for.  That philosophy is the reason for our reputation and high number of repeat customers.  
Our passion for cars and love of pushing them to their limits has lead us to expand our product line to our performance and motor sports market.  We build power trains to withstand some of the toughest abuse from drag cars, to tractor pullers, to road race and late model cars.  Motors and transmissions from our shop have been winning championships for decades and have been the peak of reliability.    
Our staff is highly trained and  knowledgeable, we are here to discuss with you what you have, and what you need.  Our technical staff has an open mind and a vast knowledge of operation and theory of power train, allowing us to diagnose and fix the root of the problem with your vehicle, not just the symptoms.  We have mechanics with over 35 years of experience and a real engineer on staff, if we can't find a fix for your vehicle we will design and make it.

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